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a hackathon happening March 21st thru the 23rd in Seatlle Washington

Hackathon of the Ages #C4tK blowing up Seattle's Impact Hub

Author: Boone Bergsma

Code for the Kingdom will be working on transforming lives March 21-23 a leadership network hackathon taking place at the Impact Hub in Seattle. For three days attendees will collaborate on using technology to tackle some big challenges. Focusing on things like; helping the homeless become housed, combating pornography, building stronger families, and improving biblical literacy and understanding.

Over $10,000 in cash prizes will be awarded to the top ideas that are started during, or before the event begins. Last June in San Francisco almost 150 people took part in the first event. There were fourteen teams working on projects like; Omegazones (4kworldmap.com) for tracking world physical and spiritual needs, and the best overall winner Likewise a spiritual peer mentorship system that links people based on experiences.

Already there are rumors of a team coming all the way from Texas to attend the Northwest event. With the caliber of talent already residing in Seattle, one could bet that the ideas coming out of this event could very well cause a massive impact in transforming lives all over the world.

As Tim Nations said in his coverage of our west coast sister “It was evident from the beginning this hackathon was about more than just technology. What transpired in a quirky concrete space in downtown San Francisco was powerful and redemptive. Its somewhat difficult to describe. So instead, listen to this comment shared by one of the developers:”

“It was truly a memorable event. Twelve years ago, I would have never seen myself (who was then an atheist that adamantly denied God) using computer programming to help facilitate studying and understanding God’s word. Truly I feel so blessed that God has even redeemed this skill which I thought could only serve the purposes of men. A sincere thanks to the organizers of the event for finally giving me a reason (and excuse) to begin making my dream and vision, and for the team members who brought in their critical skills and talents (blessed by God, of course) to make that vision come to life.” San Francisco Attendee

One thing is for sure, you have an opportunity no matter your beliefs to join a team working on ideas that have everyone’s best interests in mind. And in case budgets are low use C4TKFRIENDS when you register and get in free. No what’s stopping you :) that’s free food all weekend, check out the links and then visit c4tkseattle.eventbrite.com to get your tickets today!