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WTIM, WeThinkItMatters®

Author: Boone Bergsma

WTIM is a web platform being developed to encourage, inspire, by fostering community support, contributing to philanthropy, advocating Corporate Socially Responsibility (CSR), and creating jobs through Entrepreneurism.

WTIM is currently in Beta and needs your feedback. Designed to be your Homepage and act as your Social Gateway for doing the most good while online. We would like to know what features or functions you would like to see? What things would get You to use wtim.co as your Homepage, please visit and take a survey. See how WTIM works and why its good for you and your community.

As a member, when you join WTIM, you will select your zipcode and favorite cause. And while engaged with WeThinkItMatters Campaign Banner and our partners doing things like staying up to date with the latest Positive News, shopping for a cause, or visiting and browsing the web. You will be raising money your local schools, favorite cause, and reward points to spend in the Shopping and Entertainment Network.

As a Business Partner, when you join in saying "WeThinKItMatters", you are showing your customers you think, working together to make a difference matters. Advertising where it will do the most good is a way to highlight your CSR and to let people know you are investing in their communities.

WTIM, WeThinkItMatters infograph

Imagine now if more people were using WTIM, how much money could be raised as more people find out and join.

If 10% of the people using Pinterest joined we would raise over 100 million for charity and schools. Or 10% of the people on linkedin we would raise almost 2 billion. How about 10% of the people on Facebook, we would raise over 11 billion! Wow :) working together does really make a big Difference. You may be thinking that sounds too good to be true.

Well, then you should probably know that companies are already spending billions on this type of thing. The total U.S. spending on advertising for the first six months of 2013 grew 2.0 percent to $68.9 billion according to data released  by Kantar Media, the leading provider of strategic advertising and marketing information.

In addition, advertising spending is seeing a substantial growth, because the demand for consumer attention is so great, companies are spending more than ever. Most importantly, consumers have expectations for businesses to operate responsibly, according to JWT's Social Good Report.

JWT's social good report bar graph for people wanting business to support charity

If you are interested in helping to share the word about WTIM, or to helping develop WTIM, or looking to start a career using your skills and passion to make a Difference, Please contact us Today!

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