WTIM is a cause related marketing strategy with built in support for non-profits

Integrated Cause Marketing

WeThinkItMatters Inc. is light years ahead of other cause marketing agencies. Our Fundraising Technology raises awareness for businesses and non-profits, and brings funding to non-profits and consumers through corporate sponsorship.

screen shot of a money spent on advetising vs money given to charity

WTIM is the Definition of Cause Marketing

60% of every dollar spent advertising on WeThinkItMatters® goes to non-profits. Get More Return On Investment from your marketing campaigns with our cause advertising technology - Guaranteed Impact and Results!

Increase the value of your Impressions See WTIM Cause Marketing Examples

Cause Marketing Agency

If you're a business, WeThinkItMatters Inc. can help you get more ROI with our cause related marketing strategy and media, increase your impact and value from marketing impressions. Please contact us to learn more about our Cause Integrated Marketing Campaigns today.

WTIM is the only cause marketing agency with a built-in cause integration where 60% of advertising dollars go to charity

Cause Integrated Web APP

Our cause integrated marketing campaigns bring attention to businesses in positive ways for the whole community.

Impactful Design

WeThinkItMatters® campaigns are built to have a postive impact on businesses, non-profits, and people with every dollar spent.

Our cause marketing agencies web app raises funding for non-profits

More Return on Investment

Marketing results focused on building relationships and community improvement through cause sponsorship.

Take your advertising to the next level with our