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Cause Marketing Internship

Become a Cause Marketing Agent in 90 days
Earn Commission and Stock from day 1

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WeThinkItMatters Inc.

Cause Marketing Agents

We create world improving media campaigns that leave a positive impact on our global communities.
We are working to advocate CSR and Cause Sponsorship as a catalyst for Philanthropic funding.

Work Anywhere

Agents of WeThinkItMatters Inc. can work remotely whenever from where ever they want. All you need is an internet connection.

Paid Training

Graduating interns completing our 90 day internship receive a signing bonus of 10% of their total sales during their internship.

Profit Sharing

As WeThinkItMatters Inc. Agent some benefits you will receive are; 20% commission on all your booked campaigns.

Stock Options

Agents get 1% of their sales volume in WeThinkItMatters® Inc. Stock at 6 month intervals.

Our Media

Cause-Integrated Marketing

WeThinkItMatters® is the registered Trademark for our Cause Integrated Advertising platform WTIM.

cause marketing business model of WTIM

Our fundraising technology offers businesses a place to invest advertising dollars into marketing campaigns that benefit charities.
Nonprofit organizations get access to our media platforms for free as a means to raise awareness and funds for their cause.

CSR Marketing Technology

How we work

Sustainable Technology

Our Vision is to see more positive news about what companies are doing to give back and how they support sustainable development in the communities of their consumers and employees.

Causes Benefit

60% of the money invested in our cause marketing campaigns go to partnering nonprofits.

Agents Benefit

20% of the money invested in our cause marketing campaigns go to managing Agent/s .

Members Benefit

10% of the money invested in our cause marketing campaigns go to the engaging Members.

Employee Owned

Vested stock options for all Agents, 1% of all Sales go to Shareholders of WeThinkItMatters Inc.

Build a Team and Passive Income

Agents receive 1% commission on all recruited team members sales.
And 2% commission on recruited team members with over $10,000 a month in sales.