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The Demand for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In this day and age, it’s no secret that companies should be responsive to consumers demands and expectations of CSR if they want to survive in this future marketplace. The fact is that consumers’ demands for businesses to do more than just make a profit are increasing day by day and people are increasingly rewarding the businesses whose goods and services are both of high quality and good for them and society.

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How businesses can integrate Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR aims at ensuring that companies conduct their operations in a manner that is ethical and sustainable for all stakeholders. What this means is that they have to take all their social, economic, and environmental impacts of their business. CSR involves a range of activities which can include:

  • Working in close partnership with local communities and nonprofit organizations
  • Global Reporting Initiative (known as GRI) is an international independent standards organization that helps businesses, governments and other organizations understand and communicate their impacts on issues such as climate change, human rights and corruption.
  • Developing relationships and open communication channels with employees and customers to ensure that their needs and rights are met.
  • Environmental protection and sustainability practices for protecting the natural environment, for the benefit of both the environment and humans.

Why is CSR Communications so very important to your business surviving in the future?

Some businesses have already taken responsibility of fulfilling social and environmental responsibilities in distribution, manufacturing processes, and materials sourcing. They usually try to achieve their financial goals while at the same time minimizing the negative impact of their business activities on the environment and humans. These businesses are innovators in the marketplace right now, on putting focus on people and plant as well as profit.

It is becoming a requirement for the businesses to come clean about their business practices and communicate with customers and employees and how they are incorporating CSR into business practices. A majority of large corporations publish information of their CSR activities on their websites, but people don't want to have to read some long report to find out what your business is doing to improve the community. They want to see the results in the places they are already spending time.

Business must adapt to the times we live in, as consumers are voting with their wallets and attention. millennials who contribute to the fastest growing force in the marketplace today. They are numbering more than 80 Million strong. They also account for about $1 Trillion of USA consumer spending, , this sum will continue to grow exponentially as more millennials gain wealth and reach peak buying powers.

The fact is that consumer needs and desires are changing with a growing desire to have cause-integrated into purchases and experiences. More than 81 percent of millennials expects a company to make commitment to be a good corporate citizen. Millennials place a premium on CSR and want to be engaged by brands in doing good. Studies also shows that a significant number of millennials say that they can make their personal sacrifices to make an impact on things that they care most about. This means that they can even pay more for a product, sharing the products rather than buying or even taking a pay cut just to work for a responsible company.

More Businesses are Integrating CSR

There are several factors that are pushing businesses towards more CSR communications and activities. Demands for greater disclosure of business practices from stakeholders, suppliers, employees, customers, activist organizations, local communities, and investors are all driving the adoption of CSR communications.

Increased Customer Interest

There’s no doubt that the growing customer interest in CSR has made companies take it serious. Ethical conduct of business operations has a direct impact on the customer’s buying decisions . There was a recent survey by the Environs International that shows that more than one out of every five people have reported having to either rewarded a company or punished it based on their social performance.

Growing Investor Pressure

There’s not even a single smart investor today that would invest in a company that is involved in an unethical activities. Investors are changing the way they assess company’s they are interested in investing . They are now making large parts of their decisions on matters that concern ethics, social responsibility reporting, and impact.

Superior Public Relations

A majority of the companies are now taking steps to ensure that their employees and activities are headed towards and behaving in a manner that is socially responsible due to increases stakeholders concerns. Some companies are now introducing CSR policy for codes of conduct for their suppliers to ensure that other company’s problems don’t affect the business in a negative or tarnish their brand name.

What can a company gain from integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into operations?

    There are several positive outcomes that a company can get from integrating CSR. Some of them includes;

  • Consumer satisfaction
  • Improved employee relations
  • Decreasing operating costs
  • Enhanced reputation and the brand image
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Workforce diversity
  • Product safety and decreased liability
  • Reduced risk of operating the business
  • Reduced Regulatory Oversight
  • Greater quality and productivity

    How can the community benefit?

    The community can equally benefit from CSR. There are several ways through a company's CSR that can affect the community in positive ways.

  • There’s greater use of renewable resources
  • Less environmental damage
  • Safer products
  • Increase social services
  • Greater Material Recycling
  • Improved public infrastructure
  • Nonprofits better funded

Integrating CSR into your company

Good CSR Communications should be at the heart of every CSR Strategy. Imagine if your CSR communications were actually raising money for causes your business cares about. What if the money you spent on marketing delivered more results than just metrics on how many people it reached, what if the delivered results also included real stories of how many lives were impacted.

At the core of every good CSR strategy is authentic communications in how your business engages with the rest of the world. CSR Communications isn't just putting your messages out there but also ensuring that a person is engaged by that message and can interact with your business in make a difference. The most effective CSR Reporting will not only bring attention to a company’s CSR achievements, but also create them.

The purpose of CSR communications is to communicate your ambitions and the efforts to the people who care about them. I usually hear majority of the companies complaining that even after writing those CSR reports, few people read them. The main reason why the majority of the people don’t read them is because they are boring and there is no benefits of reading them. To ensure you communicate your CSR and leave a lasting impression with those engaged you need to be innovative in the methods you use to connect with people. And make those connections memorable.

One of the best ways to create lasting connections is by investing in a two way communication strategy that doesn’t only aim at speaking to the people but also listening to them. This way, you are able to build relationships working together to find and create solutions for causes impacting all of us.

More Businesses are Engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility

This is likely because of the role that the CSR has at enhancing a company’s reputation among its employees, customers, shareholders, and general public. If the CSR is authentic and plays a significant role in operations, then employees are likely to have increased productivity and have more motivation and engagement at work. However, employees in a company that doesn’t walk the talk or have any concerns about recycling will become cyclical about the genuineness of their company's CSR communications.

In simple terms, CSR should be embedded at the core of the company’s ethos rather than just some goals or PR campaign. Instead, a company’s CSR strategy should be dictating how the company operates across the board. Looking for innovative was to operate the company that are good for People, Planet, and Profit. By truly integrating CSR practices into company operations employees will feel more motivated to be identified with a company and advocate their services and products.

CSR Marketing Strategy

What do you think about when you hear the term CSR marketing strategy? There’s a lot of noise out there about CSR marketing in the marketplace, and some businesses in the recent past have come to understand how not marketing CSR or doing it wrong can negatively impact their company’s productivity, sells, and brand affinity.

When you bring up CSR in a room full of business executives, you are likely to get mixed reactions. Some of them will be shocked simply because they don’t really know what it is, while others will be wondering what took the company so long to start on this integrating it. While the main purpose of CSR is to operate in more ways that benefit the society or have less negative impact, don’t ignore the fact that real CSR will have a positive impact on your company.

A CSR marketing strategy if it's done the right way will connect with the audience in ways that truly generate lasting impressions and positive PR. Surveys show that with a good CSR strategy, there can be a direct impact on the company’s sells.

The main purpose of Corporate Citizenship is to produce higher standards of living for the community you serve. And as the demand for CSR continues to grow it will effect investors, employees, and consumers opinion on companies they want to engage with. There’s no doubt that CSR Advocacy can be powerful sales and PR tool. And CSR marketing at WeThinkItMatters Inc. offer ROI and guaranteed results no other Marketing Agency can match, Find out why today!

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