Cause Integrated Advertising

We create Marketing Campaigns that Help Businesses
and Give Back to the Community

ROI Built-in

60% of every dollar invested goes to charities and 10% to schools for guaranteed Return On Investment


Taking action during a WTIM campaign has multiple levels of engagement and rewards for involvement


Positive story telling about campaign results creates a conversation that ignites social media sharing

Positive Media Platform

Not all impressions are created equal. No matter what they tell you Positive News is always better!

  • Be part of uplifting stories
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Positively improve communities
  • Make a difference in peoples lives
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Campaigns ROI + Results that Improve Communities and Lives

"91 percent of global consumers believing companies should do more than just make a profit, they also should work to address social and environmental issues" Cone Communications Global CSR Study

  • End Homelessness in the NW

    BridgeWorks NW sponsors beta WTIM campaign to help end homelessness in the Northwest.

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    Take a tour and walk through a example WTIM campaign to see how it works.

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    Plan a WTIM campaign and see your advertising improve communities and customers lives.

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WTIM is Fully Responsive

A HTML 5 and CSS based web application designed to work across all browsers and devices. Nothing to download or install. Just visit to make a Difference!

  • ROI That Improves Lives
  • Create Uplifting Content
  • Foster Community Development
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • Email Marketing Channels
  • Social Media Promotion

Working Together to Make a Difference in Your Community

A digital platform utilizing cross sector collaboration between businesses, non-profits, and individuals to generate funding and awareness for social issues.

A free tool for non-profits to leverage their existing databases to get funding, gain new followers and volunteers, and share about the work they are doing.

Offering businesses a sustainable and responsible way to use advertising dollars in a way that improves the community and increases brand affinity.

Not all marketing metrics are equal. WTIM gives you ROI plus improves lives.

Advertise Where It Will Do The Most Good

Want more positive media and social engagement?

Want more positive impact from your advertising dollars?

Want more positive ROI from your marketing investment?

WeThinkItMatters Campaign Features & Benefits

Better Impression – Measurable Results – Increased Engagement – Superior ROI

Audience Targeting

Reach out to specific audiences and communities, based on demographic information and NPO partnering.


Mobile friendly landing pages to target visitors with ad formats built on a mobile app strategy to engage visitors on their most personal device.


Remarketing and retargeting strategy to re-engage members and voters that have previously interacted with your campaign.


Non-profit partners, volunteers, and voters share and promote your campaign on their social networks, spreading a positive message of your brand working to impact communities.


WTIM campaigns offer Extrinsic rewards like prizes and rank and Intrinsic rewards like the good feelings from helping make a difference.

Ad Creative’s

Your campaign pages offer you Video, Banner, and way more AD extensions and customizers, lots of options to connect and engage your current and future customers.


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