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Portland Startup Weekend Access is happening Febuary 7th thru the 9th 2014

Overcoming the Obstacles | Portland Startup Weekend Access

Author: Boone Bergsma

Startups, talk about hard work, determination, sacrifice and pain. Anyone who has been through a startup knows what it takes. They aren’t for the faint of heart or quick to surrender. It takes guts, lots and lots of guts. You have to be ready to be stepped on, pushed aside, and willing to prove you’ve got what it takes. Most startups fail not because of poor ideas, but wimpy mindsets.

I don’t say this to deter you from chasing your dreams of starting a company or selling a product, instead I say it to prepare you for what lies ahead. A lot like Startup Weekend does with its events to help entrepreneurs understand some of what it takes to do a startup and work on a team. And the Portland Startup Weekend Organizers are opening doors and focusing on making entrepreneurship more accessible to everyone. They are putting on #SWACCESS to provide better access for people with disabilities and create fluid collaboration amongst every participant.

If there is a group of people that possess the strength and character required for startups you can bet that those who have already overcome so much will be full of talent. Every day I take the little things I am able to do so easily for granted. Though I have faced many obstacles in my journey none of them compare to the daily hardship so many face their whole lives. Disabilities is an unfair word for most of these extraordinary people who are able to do things far greater than those unhindered.

Even so, I am thankful the PDXSW team has put together this awesome event. Startup Weekend Access is an exciting addition to the list of amazing weekends that have happened across the globe. If you are going to be in the Portland area June 20th – 22nd 2014 you should be at or visit PDX-SWACCESS