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HalleluYah, Thank You Jesus!

These words may sound strange, especially in world we live today. At times in my life if you would have said something like that to me I would have told you what a fool you were. I might even have got angry, since if there was a God I had felt like He had punished me since birth.

See I was born with a rare genetic disorder called Gaucher; that I wasn’t diagnosed with until the age of five after going thru years of testing. When diagnosed not much was known about Gaucher and doctors told my mother I would probably only live to be eight or nine. 

I was surrounded by love; living in Oregon at the time on our family dairy farm with grandma, my mom, and older sister, it was a wonderful place to be a kid. And I never would have guessed things were going to change. But around seven years old a miracle happened and a treatment was found. 

But it wasn’t that easy, the medicine was over three hundred thousand dollars a year and my family didn’t have health insurance or that kind of money. It was a battle to get me on treatment and my mother had to make tremendous sacrifices to get help. 

We had to lose the farm and move to Washington State where if you lived below the poverty level the state had to help you. My life became weekly infusions and blood test and as I got older constant reminders that my need of medicine was causing my family’s sufferings and hardships. 

By 12 I let my circumstances overcome me and became a victim of depression. A disease that would nearly take my life multiple times due to addiction, and in the end would lead me down a destructive path to a car accident, a tragedy I can never offer enough apologies for. 

Thankfully I was only sentenced to three and half years in prison. And ultimately prison lead me to the truth, it is where I found God and Jesus :) He saved my life and gave me more hope than I had ever experienced before in life.

I knew life was going to better when I got and that hope brought me more joy than I had found outside the gates before. Unfortunately the rest world wasn’t in agreement when I was released in 2008 into the beginning of one the worst economy and job market in US history. 

It didn’t take long for my faith to feel like it had all but disappeared and I soon found myself defeated by my circumstances again and falling back into the darkness that had already taken so much. But in 2011 I started picking myself up from self pity and working on something I had passion for, and by middle of the year my faith returned to me in such overwhelming grace my life has never been the same. 

Though I have given up on God many times in my life, He has never given up on me. The belief in His promises, gave me power to overcome one hardship after another that I have experienced working to bring WeThinkItMatters Inc and WTIM to life. And I proud of what this company stands for, what it offers, and the impact it will have in helping to create a better future for everyone. 

The reason I share this with you. When you do business with anyone, I believe it is important to know who you are working with, what they stand for, and what matters to them. I am passionate about creating a better future for everyone and believe working together we can make a Difference!


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